//I decided that I wasn’t happy with the look of my Hans and Anna autograph cards, so I altered them a bit, and now I’m really happy with the final result! So, here’s the finalized stack of cards that I’ve printed—I made 32 of them. I think that should be more than enough? IDK, should I make more just in case?

Also, I included a printable version, so that anyone who wants their own can simply copy and paste. Enjoy!

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Frozen: a summary

//The Hans/Anna trading pin will be released tomorrow and I want one so badly I think I might be physically ill send help.


     Freya took a long moment to answer, glancing about the room as though she was looking for an escape or an excuse to retract her request. Her mother had always been reluctant to let her be with Hans without her supervision, and though she never quite understood why, it was still enough to give her pause.

     However, she never got the impression that her uncle particularly liked her very much, and she often felt like a gnat whenever she spoke to him, present and acknowledged but altogether bothersome. He didn’t express affection the same way her other, more boisterous family members did, and there wasn’t any casualness or warmth in their interactions.

     But that was why she had come to him. His regal demeanor made her feel like a peasant in his shadow.

     "… I need help with my manners." She finally admitted, eyes cast down at the floor. "My dad doesn’t let anyone tell him how to do stuff, and my mom’s too busy, and she doesn’t know a whole lot of stuff either. I just…” She was struggling to speak off-script, growing visibly more upset as her cheeks reddened and her eyes became glassy, “People keep saying there’s ways I’m s’posed to eat an’ talk an’ stand an’ dance, but I… I don’t know any of it, and the other day Xander said I don’t act like a princess.”

     Her cousin’s statement certainly wasn’t meant to harm her, but it had made her think long after they were finished playing.

     ”I am a princess, I just d’know what to do.” Her voice was starting to crack and she wrapped her arms tight around herself, a rare show of weakness from such a physically strong child.

{♔} —- Even if Freya already forgiven her cousin, Hans was quick to defend Alexander’s remark.

"I’m sure my son didn’t mean anything by it," he said. "Knowing Xander, it was probably a compliment.”


Hans smiled, hoping to reassure the young princess. He didn’t want to make light of her concerns, nor to dismiss them out of hand, but he hated to see her so upset. After only the briefest hesitation, Hans closed the distance between them and gripped Freya’s shoulders, anchoring her as he’d seen Kristoff do so many times before.

"Manners are important,” he conceded, giving Freya a reassuring squeeze. He tugged on her upper arms, guiding the young princess out of her slouch and into a proper stance. He raised her chin, folded her hands and posed her like a perfect little lady. With but a few, simple changes, Freya looked a great deal like Elsa, and nothing like herself—Hans stepped away and assumed his own straight-backed pose.

"Manners show respect for the people around you," he said, gesturing to the empty room as though it were filled with barons and courtiers. "Knowing how to dress and eat and speak properly shows that you care enough to learn their customs. These are very important things for a princess to know. But…”

Though he continued to smile, the King deflated slightly. He shoulders dropped and his knees unlocked. His posture loosened and his hands came unfolded, prompting Freya to do the same.

"I learned a very long time ago that being a good prince… or princess… is not nearly the same as being a good person. You might not be the former, but you are certainly the latter.”

Hans cupped Freya’s chin with a soft, gloved hand.

"You are smart, resourceful and kind. That will make up for any shortcomings you might have in a ballroom."


     Why wouldn’t he answer her vocally? Why does he only nod his head? Then, she realized that he, too, must have hidden himself from the world. He must have hidden his secret for as long as he could remember. Did anyone know? Or did he hide his sun in shame? The idea made her icy heart shatter. The world was cruel to them and had caused the darkness that lingers in all human hearts to fester and spread like an infection. 

     The moment their lips met for the longing kiss, she returned it just as longingly. She was not warm by any means, but she made sure she put her passion and longing into it. Fires seemed to flare up once more as desire caused her nerves to awaken. Oh yes, she desired him ; she wanted nothing more than to have him. However, she could not find it in her to ruin that intimate and beautiful act by having her way with him. He was hers, yes, but he was not with her by his own volition. Her magic lingered in his veins and while she could command him to become her lover, she couldn’t do it. The idea sickened her. As much as she yearned to hurt those who have hurt her, sex — INTIMACY — was sacred in her eyes and she would not ruin this for either one of them.

     Someday perhaps, but she wanted him to want her for her, not because her magic compelled him to. It would not do well for her self-esteem and could be used against her.

     When their lips parted, she opened her eyes and stared into his. Does she dare say it? What harm would there be if she said it? She could sense how much he needed this ; would it bring him closer and closer to her? What other consequences could happen?

    Even as these questions echoed in her mind, she felt compelled to say it, to fall off the cliff and into the waters below. Even her wicked side agreed with this. She would mean every word of course. Frozen as her heart is, even monsters have some semblance of a soul left.

    ❝King. My king. King Hans.❞ As she whispered the words, she intertwined their fingers together and brought them up to their icy hearts. ❝King Hans, never forget this. I will never reject you or the little sun in your heart. You are free to speak openly about the embers in your veins ; I swear to you that I will not reject you. I know I am not as warm as others, but I can at least offer you acceptance and happiness.

    Some day, we will stand beneath the sunshine, FREE.❞

{☼} —- Hans closed his eyes as Elsa spoke, unable to hold her gaze. He let the Queen’s words wash over him like a soft, steady tide, rolling in, rolling out, dragging him down into the ocean’s cold, dark depths.

King, she called him. My King. Hans shuddered at that, a wave of pleasure and desire rippling through his core. The Snow Queen and her Fire King—they would be glorious together. They would reshape the world, if Elsa truly meant to take him as her husband.

He didn’t believe her. Not really. Hans himself spoke so many lies that he never truly believed anyone—except perhaps Anna, who had been so sweet and genuine that Hans did not think her capable of speaking a false word. Hans wondered, briefly, if Anna would have been so accepting of his magic, but then he remembered his promise to the Snow Queen, and quickly banished Anna from his mind.

Acceptance. Freedom. That was what Elsa offered him, but those words rang hollow. Perhaps he was free to speak of his magic, but he certainly wasn’t free to use it—not so long as Elsa’s ice surged through his veins, keeping his fires at bay.

Hans opened his eyes, but he did not meet Elsa’s gaze. Instead, he stared at their entwined hands, and noticed with startling indifference  that his fingertips had grown blue and white.

"I’m so cold, my Queen…" he murmured. "I can’t feel my fires any more… There’s only ice."

He knew what he was asking of her, and he knew that it would tempt the Queen’s wrath. To use his magic once more, she would have to weaken the enchantment she’d placed on his heart, and give him the free will to attack her, or run away.

But if she truly wanted to accept him… To see his magic burn with enough intensity to rival her own…

His free hand reached up to stroke her cheek, and to run a white, frosted thumb along her bottom lip.

"Please, my Queen…"



I’m gross.

I think I took this back in January when the Disney Store actually had stock. I kinda wish I got an Anna doll instead of Hans ;;;; I haven’t seen any of her since then.



I’m gross.

I think I took this back in January when the Disney Store actually had stock. I kinda wish I got an Anna doll instead of Hans ;;;; I haven’t seen any of her since then.

Anonymous asked: ""Papa! Papa! Papa!" - Emberley ran through the castle's halls looking for her father until she found him in his way to his study - "Look! My tooth fell out." - She said showing him her toothless smile and holding in her left hand a white baby tooth."

{♔} —- The King stopped at once, for nothing in his study could be as important as his dearest Emberly. He dropped to one knee right there in the hallway and gave the princess his full attention, smiling when he saw the little tooth in her palm.


"Look at that!" he laughed, cupping Emberly’s hand between his own. He made a great show of admiring her fallen tooth, as though there could be no grander thing in all the world, then leaned forward to press a kiss to his daughter’s brow. "This is wonderful, dearest. It means you’re growing up!"

Her first tooth. Had she really grown so quickly? Not so long ago, she’d been just a babe in his arms, staring up at him with those large, green eyes and flashing him a toothless smile.

It was such a bittersweet feeling, the realization that his child was growing up. Hans helped Emberly curl her fingers tight around the little tooth and got to his feet.

"I think we should put that tooth beneath your pillow," he said. "Then fairies will come for it and leave you a pretty coin."

Hans grinned for his daughter and motioned for her to follow.

"Come on—my work can wait."

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//Ahahaha, I know what you mean! I’m nanny to a little two-and-a-half year old boy, and we’ve listen to the Frozen soundtrack together so many times that he’s begun bursting into renditions of “leddit gooooooo” and “DOOR, DOOR, DOOR, DOOOOOOOOR!” at random intervals.