Paninis with Nutella - As Requested!


Paninis with Nutella - As Requested!

Anonymous asked: "(The two village boys) the two boys let out a shreek, not expecting someone to jump out how the king did. They scrambled, dropping their swords and tripping on them as they ran into the study, slamming the door behind them."

{♔} —- Hans couldn’t help but smile as the boys scrambled before him. A deep, baritone laugh rumbled out of his throat, good-natured and paternal.

The sound was cut short, however, when the boys disappeared into his office. Hans hurried after them, his hands flying for the doorknob—

Locked. Those boys were quick.

"Boys?" he called, knocking on the thick, oaken door. "Boys, let me in. I’m not angry, I promise. I was only teasing!"


Hans pressed his ear to the door and listened with bated breath. What were they doing in there?

The King suddenly feared that the boys would do something foolish, like destroy his paperwork, or try to flee out the window. His office was three stories above the ground—they could hurt themselves!

Hans tried to turn the doorknob once more, but the lock stayed tight and barred.

"Boys, open this door. Please. I promise—on my crown—I won’t be upset.”

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the-sandmans-daughter asked: "The orphan toddler took shelter under some crates she found in the streets. It was thunder storming and seven year old Selena had no good protection, but at least she stayed dry. Her clothes were all torn and ragged. She had always wanted to visit the castle but the guards said 'the king doesn't allow dirty clothed visitors in his castle.'"

{♔} —- Luckily for the child, the grounds of the King’s estate were massive, and what she assumed was an abandoned alley was, in fact, the impressive stables that housed the King’s many horses. If she had only ventured inside, she would have found warm, fresh bales of hay to sleep in, rather than a musty old crate—but then again, if she’d gone inside, King Hans never would have spotted her.

He nearly missed her all the same. Leading Sitron to the barn, the King’s head was bowed to protect himself from the rain. He hadn’t intended to stay out so long, but the trails had been clear—even if the sky was not—and the ride gave him some much-needed time to think. It was only by chance that he caught sight of the small, huddled child, and he stopped at once, Sitron’s reigns still in hand.

"Are you alright?" he cried, fearful for the child’s health. "You, child…! Come here!"


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Tu Me Manques


She smiles, and it’s something between teasing and admonishment the way she throws it at him.

"It’s such a relative term, though, isn’t it?

She idly pours the two of them tea as they settle across from one another, the only sound between them a roaring fireplace.

"It’s thrown around the same way that "love" is.
It’s almost lost it’s entire meaning…”

She reaches for the sugar cubes, instinct taking over her like a whirlwind while she prepares Hans his tea…
Almost as if she never stopped doing it to begin with.
And that surprises her because it’s such an odd thing to remember…how someone takes their tea.

"Not that the word is completely without meaning anymore.
I just mean that…it’s a term that is so loosely defined that…what qualifies as “good” in someone’s eyes, might not sound “good” to another..”

The queen leaves Hans to tend to the rest of his tea preparation while Elsa finishes her own- the outer edges of the cup glossing over prettily with ice as her fingertips grasp it’s handle, raising it to her lips.

After taking a sip she sighs in annoyance and scrunches her brows together.

"…You know what? Forget it.
I’m just rambling incessantly now.”

A blush crawls upon her cheeks as she turns her eyes away from him in embarrassment.

"All I’m trying to say is that….I honestly believe that you have always, at your core, been a golden-hearted man.
There’s no denying that you’ve let your darker side color your intentions on more than one occasion but…”

'Rambling again…'

When did she become such an ineloquent dolt?
Perhaps Anna was right when she mentioned how pregnancy tends to strain a woman’s brain and makes her act a little silly.

The twins must’ve taken more of her with them than she originally thought.

Either that, or she was just more nervous than she wanted to be in this moment - face-to-face with the only man in the world who had the ability to break her and hold her together at the same time.

Her shoulders slumped as she sighed, reaching again for her tea.

"Let me try this again.
The first thing I need to say before you say anything is…I’m sorry.

I truly am.

I was a damn fool - blinded by my own self-righteousness and greed.
This insane need I had to drag you down and…”

Her words trailed off, her gaze still unable to meet his.
Her throat became heavy and her eyes burned with unshed tears.

"…and broken.
And it almost cost me everything.
Hans I am…I don’t think I could ever say anything that could express the depths of my sorrow.
If I could go back and change it, I would in an instant.”

Her heart clenches as she remembers the unbearable sadness that overcame her as she lay at his feet, curled and shattered and furious.

Elsa’s gaze pulls up to meet his for the first time, just as a tear rolls it’s way down her cheek and freezes on its path.

"Can you ever forgive me?"

{♔} —- The King listened quietly and faithfully as Elsa spoke, his brows drawn, unable to follow her half-formed sentences. He did not know what she was trying to say, but he wanted to understand—needed to understand. This was a new beginning for them and their family, and Hans did not want to hold anything back.

He was done with lies, done with secrets and half-truths. He was ready to be in this marriage with Elsa, completely and truly.

His brows arched and his mouth fell open as Elsa began to apologize, tears streaming down her cheeks. Hans wanted to interrupt, he wanted to say No, no, none of this is your fault, but the words would not come.

"I thought…"

The King swallowed and stared down into his teacup, searching for the right thing to say. In the past, he merely would have said what he thought Elsa wanted to hear, but now he searched for what was true—and he honestly did not know what to say.

He tea was growing cold—not as cold as Elsa’s, but the steam had gone thin and transparent. By habit, Hans tried to heat it with his own palms, but his fires would not respond. He shook his head and met Elsa’s gaze once more.

"I thought this was what you wanted,” he said. “I… I can’t hurt anyone anymore, Elsa—I’m not a danger to our children. Without my fires, I can’t… lose control.”

Wouldn’t she have done the same for Anna? Given the choice between isolation and a normal life, wouldn’t she have cast her magic aside?

That was the choice she left him with—she took his children and left him all alone, forced him to chose between his magic and his family. But Hans did not resent the position Elsa put him in—no, instead he was merely grateful that she gave him any choice at all.

"You don’t need my forgiveness," he said. "Because there is nothing to forgive. I did what I had to for our family… You would have done the same."




not amused


not amused


Hans the Fire King

My attemp on his uniform which took a bit longer than I planned at first because I got carried away, as always when I draw hussar-inspired uniforms.

embracethefrozenheart​ // continued


        The statement was enough to make Anna pause in her task, back turned to the man as she rummaged through her papers. Something about hearing his voice made her heart lurch in a way she didn’t entirely understand, and she had to remind herself that she ought to feel nothing, neither hate nor innocent interest in the man. She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing how she felt.

        She had to wait before she answered- Neutralize her face, stop the quiver of her hands, bring the calm back to her voice.

        "Of course you would’ve. You’re a King now, you can come and go whenever you want." She reminded him in a monotone as she turned to face him, the word King sticking in her throat like bile.


        The Southern Isles’ role in the negotiations was over, and yet, Hans remained as a guest of the Belgian King, and he never seemed to venture far from her. She didn’t understand it. Perhaps he was waiting for her to slip up, to see some indication that he had ruined her life as the rumors told. But she wouldn’t falter.

        "Well… what are you expecting?" She ventured to ask, eyebrows furrowing, "Some kind of show? ‘Cause my juggling skills are pretty rusty.”

{♔} —- The King almost laughed at the self-deprecating joke, but instead his lips curved into a wry grin. Hans knew better than to take Anna’s words at face-value; she deflected with humor the way others might deflect with a shield, and Hans was acutely aware of it.

After the explosion that killed his brothers, Hans had walked with a cane for nearly half a year. He did not know what it was like to permanently lose the use of a limb, nor how it felt to face the man responsible…

But he could imagine, and in a sick, selfish way, it gave him no small amount of pleasure to know that after his humiliation in Arendelle, Anna had suffered as much as he.

"I don’t expect anything from you," he said loftily. The King crossed both arms across his chest and shrugged. "It’s enough to know that your sister’s kingdom does not intend to march against mine. On the day of my coronation, I half expected you to burst through the cathedral doors with an army at your back."


Prince Hans Could Get It